DiskTuna is an easy to use, on-demand disk optimizer and defragmentation utility
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DiskTuna is an easy to use, on-demand, no frills disk optimizer and defragmentation utility for FAT, FAT32 and NTFS formatted drives. Through a simple to use mechanism to create 'jobs' it enables you to launch one-click jobs and schedule jobs. DiskTuna is freeware. DiskTuna will reorganize your disk and will make it faster and more responsive.

DiskTuna is safe: It relies on the proven and reliable Windows defrag API to move files. It checks the volume state prior to defragmentation. DiskTune features a VSS safe-mode and a thermal monitor.


Supported file systems: FAT16, FAT32, NTFS.
Safe to use: utilizes Windows defrag API and other high level APIs only.
3 operating modes: defrag, optimize and compact.
HDD temperature monitor; DiskTune will pause if your disk gets too hot.
Easily create and run jobs.
VSS safe-mode to reduce interaction between defragmentation and shadow copies.
Background and low priority mode.
Context menu integration, can defrag selected folder only.
Boot optimization utilizing the Windows layout.ini file.
MFT optimization.

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